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AIESEC in Malaysia

6 WEEKS. For some, you might think that it’s long but when you are having a nice time with amazing people, its short. I decide to spend my 6 weeks in Vietnam as a Volunteer through AIESEC and the first abroad experience was AMAZING.

How the AMAZING Journey start….

As this the first time I have ever been to another country alone, scary and yet exciting.From there I meet my buddy,Nguyễn Hà Phương. My work as an English teacher in a group of students that are older than me. At first, I felt awkward, as time passes I feel that my students are really making their effort to learn English. I felt blessed. I enjoy teaching them.

Throughout my stay there, we had lots of fun, going around Hanoi just on a motorbike,( P.S for those would like to challenge themselves, try to ride a motorbike there:)). Going around Hoan Kiem Lake, going to Thanh Hoa, to Tam Dao just to experience Vietnamese culture first hand. From my first day, I have been treated as Vietnamese becuz most of the time ppl think that I am Vietnamese😂😂.

The Homestay has been a place I call home in Vietnam, thank you everyone for making Homestay a more vibrant place to stay, I really miss the times we have together. Then I was introduced to Summer Camp. It was fun and I very please to meet the other Volunteers there, u guys are awesome at planing the summer and the campers really like us for being there with them.

Overall I want to thank Quỳnh Anh and their team for having me here. Nguyễn Hà Phương thank you for bringing me out to explore Hanoi on my first day there, and especially Cu Xa Ca Phe, its really nice and I like the coffee very much )Tracy Vu Minh Hiền Thanh Huyền. The black pearl wont be complete without u guys.
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