Embracing Global Perspectives

In the previous blog post, I mentioned that having a global perspective would suppress ‘groupthink’ as one of the benefits of diversity. The global perspective has been emphasized especially in education. Teachers are trying to make the students view issues from many different angles. The world is a system, countries are interconnected and everyone, without […]

Diversity in self-development: A youth perspective

“I could be myself more in my Executive Boards (EBs) team probably due to the diverse environment as one of the reasons which make me feel equal and comfortable.” – Victoria, Local Committee President (LCP) of AIESEC in Leeds 21/22 Studying abroad is my first international experience which is further solidified through my participation in […]

A Global Volunteer Journey That Touched My Heart

Participating in a volunteering program is one of those things that you have to do at least once in your life time. And what’s a better way of doing that than applying through AIESEC’s Global Volunteer. My enthusiasm for AIESEC wasn’t motivated only by my excitement for volunteering, but my excitement for travelling, exploring, meeting […]

First abroad experience on my own

6 WEEKS. For some, you might think that it’s long but when you are having a nice time with amazing people, its short. I decide to spend my 6 weeks in Vietnam as a Volunteer through AIESEC and the first abroad experience was AMAZING. How the AMAZING Journey start…. As this the first time I […]

My 47 days journey in China

I couldn’t remember the weather when I first landed in Anyang, China, but I remember how my heart was racing and how clammy my palms were. So far from home, yet I was thrilled towards what awaited me in the coming 47 days of my global volunteer journey in China.   First stop, Anyang Anyang […]

Treasures From Global Volunteering

It has been six weeks, forty-three days and today is the last day. I am going to leave here, Sri Lanka. I miss my home, my country every single day after I was here. Everything here is so new and so strange for me. The first intention why I chose to go for global volunteering […]

My Life-Changing Experience in China

I volunteered at Mount Yun Qiu, China last summer for 6 weeks and had the biggest lesson on life there. When I applied for this project called “Turn Hands Over”, I only knew it was on organic farming and hence did not hold high expectations towards it. But the experience of what happened when I […]

My 42 Days Experience in Myanmar

“Real change is when you decided to step out from the comfort zone.”It’s my first time to travel to other country alone. Thinking about all those uncertainty, I started to feel anxious but excited for my project ‘Climate Awareness in Myanmar’. Fun Fact in Yangon, it took me two hours to arrive Yangon Technological University […]

Have you seen another side of Romania?

How it all started People must have thought I was insane when I first mentioned my intentions to volunteer in Romania for 6 weeks. For most people, neither do they knew the country even existed nor do they had any thoughts on setting foot in the country. Yes. I admit this trip is going to […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Go Volunteer Abroad

You might have the thought of going abroad to travel, study, or work. Sure, you do would like to travel over the world and experience new things. Have you ever think of travel through volunteering? Sometimes people might question on “Why should I go abroad when I could volunteer in my home country” or etc, […]