A Leap of Faith, Away from my Comfort Zone

Global Volunteer AIESEC Malaysia

A shy and introverted girl who flew to Taiwan alone What would your first impression be on a Communications student? Extroverted? Lively? Energetic, and probably outspoken? Well, it wasn’t the case for Ong Chia Ping. She was reserved, shy and a rather quiet girl. Nobody would’ve expected her to just board a plane for a […]

Moments in China

“I was so sad to leave.” This was what went through her mind before leaving. Going for an exchange changes you. Before you start, you worry about how you’ll fit in, what problems you’ll face, what kind of people you’ll meet, and so on… Worries, worries, and more worries. Beatrice Wong, an actuarial science student […]

Experiencing is Believing

“They say the people there are rude, the city is dangerous, the place is dirty that I have to use public toilets without doors!” On the 25th of June, she went to China for her Global Volunteer exchange. Amirah Afrina binti Azman, a French major from Universiti Putra Malaysia, decided to go ahead despite many […]

Stronger in the Face of Challenges, With You

Alyssa Leong, a first year biomedical student from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus embarked on a journey to Taiwan during her summer break in the month of July. A foreign country, with foreign people, and a more foreign environment. The first challenge Alyssa had to face was on communication. She’s never seen those people before-whom […]

The Power of Children that Changes You

Summer is coming to the end soon and let’s think about what we have learn from it. This summer break, Yew Yi Xuan went to Vietnam to volunteer herself in an education project called “Dream Maker”. Dream Maker aims to remove the barrier of adversity, helping children living in a small province to be daring […]

Be A Proud Malaysian

I am a very detailed person and sometimes I really hate that of me because I would spend lots of time in making a choice. Well, I had to admit that I’ve spent around 3 months searching for the right project in AIESEC portal. At last, I decided to volunteer as summer camp helper in […]

A Truly Heartwarming Experience

It seems like it was only yesterday that I have met this bunch of amazing people and the heartwarming experience! The exchange Participants from Korea, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the US! During the first four weeks of my journey, I was appointed to be an English teacher in Hanxi Elementary […]

Global Volunteering in Korea

The project I volunteered in Korea is named CHANCE 5.0 by AIESEC HUFS ( Hankuk University Foreign Language). It is a project based on SDG 15 which is Life On Land. The reason I choose this project is because the other project in Korea are mainly focus on SDG 4 which is education. Besides, I […]


Thinking of Global Volunteer, actually it’s a hardest decision I ever made in my whole life. The reason this idea pops up in my head is because I have the thought of making my youth years become something that I can remember and smile when I get old, you know like people said, YOLO! (You […]

An Unforgettable Spur of the moment in Cambodia

I did not plan to do any volunteering abroad in my university life but somehow I just clicked on the project after I read through what’s the project is all about. I did not even consult with my parents beforehand and they only knew about it literally one week before the date I was supposed […]