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Daniel Audunsson

Daniel Audunsson is from Iceland and is 35 years old. He studies Psychology and dropped out one month before graduation, to be an entrepreneur. His own business ( is related to online marketing in 5 countries. When he dropped out, the general reaction towards him was relatively negative. However, Daniel is a person who was keen to be an entrepreneur, and didn’t want to waste a single month. Hence, he worked tirelessly for 16 hours a day, even during weekends.

The irony is that as much as entrepreneurship was his biggest passion, he did not obtain much support from his family. He had to endure the challenges alone. The biggest challenge, to him, in managing his startup is to persevere through thick and thin.

He was attracted to speak at the Youth Speak Forum, because he knew Hanne (MCP of AIESEC in Malaysia) and AIESEC in the Philippines. He wanted to learn more about AIESEC and its people. He was really impressed to see how powerful the culture that AIESEC drives within the organization, as the values and norms that are taught are simple amazing. He, personally, looks up to Mindvalley’s working culture, and then he discovered that Mindvalley themselves were inspired from AIESEC.

Based on his interaction with the leaders of AIESEC in Malaysia, Daniel believes that they are connected people who are aware of problems worldwide. He also remarked that AIESEC in Malaysia could do more to empower students within the country. He aspires to see AIESEC in Malaysia to be influential in the country, as the nation is growing, and the country needs AIESEC to foster the necessary talents.

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