25 Beautiful Things in Life

AIESEC in Malaysia

Simply because the world needs more wholesome goodness. Introducing #TheHappyCorner, where the idea to be happy is just so simple. And hopefully, will bring a smile on your beautiful face. 

Source: Pinterest/Unsplash

I am a big fan of the simple things in life. Happiness doesn’t always mean accomplishing something or hearing some good news or getting what you want. It can exist, in the very folds of our daily routine life. As quoted by Winnie the Pooh, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.” Here’s a compilation of my favourites.

  • airFresh air
  • cloud_queueBlue skies
  • alarm_offSleeping in
  • water_dropClean water
  • homeGoing home
  • grassFreshly cut grass
  • emoji_food_beverageA fresh cup of tea
  • wb_twilightSunrises/Sunsets
  • local_floristA blooming flower
  • edit_noteNotebook and pen
  • video_collectionShort, funny videos
  • pregnant_womanMother’s warm hug
  • drawA little kid’s doodles
  • messageA warm message from a friend
  • rice_bowlA bowl of my favourite comfort food
  • light_modeSunlight that spills across wooden floor
  • checkroomA dress which I know I will look good in
  • createA complete set of colour pencils in a box
  • menu_bookA book that promises interesting story
  • filter_dramaCurled up in the blanket during a rainy night
  • bedPillow fluffed to the correct degree of fluffiness
  • emoji_peopleA promised night out with my favourite people
  • image_searchComing across something that brings a spell of nostalgia
  • showerThe first blast of warm shower after a particularly long and tiring day
  • directions_walkA long walk in the correct temperature —not too sunny and not too chilly
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