Youth Impact Forum | How Youth Changes The World?

AIESEC in Malaysia

This is the question that AIESEC always seeks to answer. This is the core question of our very existence, as we believe in the power of creating future leaders through exchange to help build a better world. This summer, we received many young leaders from all over the world to Malaysia for a life-changing journey with the local society here.

So the next question is:


And so this brings about the existence of the Youth Impact Forum which will be held on the 16th August 2015 (Sunday) from 2 – 5 pm in the University of Malaya.

Youth Impact Forum would be the final part of the 2nd AIESEC Exchange Participants Conference organized to integrate potential young leaders from all over the world, who join the Incoming Global Citizen Programme Projects of AIESEC in Malaysia.


The Forum brings together eminent advocates and speakers in the field of social issues, charity programmes, Non-Governmental Organizations and young student leaders from all over the world.

Throughout the Forum we would like to spread the idea of being a Global Citizen and discuss the possible ways of increasing awareness among youths and implementing real changes in Malaysia as well as worldwide.

Our special speaker would be Kal Joffres – serial entrepreneur and social innovator with a focus on leveraging design thinking and technology to solve tough social challenges. Co-founder of Tandemic, Malaysia’s leading social innovation firm, key architect behind Makeweekend, the largest human-centred design programme in the Southeast Asia region. Author of a variety of tools enabling social innovators, Social Business Model Canvas, which is used in 22 countries.


Themed YOUTH IMPACT FORUM – Youth & NGOs united in a fight for better community, the half-day forum aims to provide an avenue for participants to discuss and debate on the possible ways we can encourage young people to actively contribute and engage into the most important social projects.

Thanks to Exchange Participants’ showcasing we can see the real stories of young people cooperating with AIESEC & NGOs from all around the world.

Some questions that we hope to highlight in this forum includes:

  • What are the most important current local and global social issues?
  • Generations X, Y, Z… Are they so closed and self-oriented as presented in mass-media? Where are the positive examples of young activists?
  • How are the young participants of AIESEC programmes working and what projects have been realised in cooperation with Malaysian NGOs?
  • What can be done to increase social awareness among youth?
  • How can we contribute ourselves into fighting for better future and community?

“Through this forum, we hope that we can raise the awareness that youth are truly capable in creating impacts not only for themselves, but for the world as well.”



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