Recruitment Campaign 2010 Updates : Southern Region

AIESEC in UTM Through our booth, there are 183 people signed up for Malam Interaksi AIESEC (AIESEC Night) and 171 people signed up for COLOURS! A 2 day booth in UTM’s orientation week rewarded us with over 150 people who signed up for Malam Interaksi AIESEC and COLOURS. The EBs and the OCs for Member […]

Recruitment Campaign 2010 Updates : Central Region

AIESEC in UM 263 people signed up for AIESEC Day and Promo 10 Booth in UM. 38 people came for Breakthru!! Though the number may be very small number due to a clash with 2 other activities in UM on the same day and clashing of time, 93 people came for Interview!! AIESEC’s presence in […]

Recruitment Campaign 2010 Updates : Northern Region

AIESEC in UUM Boothing has attracted 219 students!! National Recruitment Campaign: National Recruitment Campaign is doing great from the first day as we have invited Dean of Student Development and Entrepreneurship to launch our event and it really draws the attention of others! Exposure of AIESEC is big enough through the event and even lecturers are […]

AIESEC in USM : Local Leadership Development Seminar

AIESEC in USM is proud to open the facilitator application for their Local Leadership Development Seminar 2010 [L.E.A.D]. The deadline for the application is on the 15th of August 2010. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! Download and submit the application form now! =)