Volunteering taught Andy skills that could Never be Learnt at University

Andy, who took part in many volunteering activities in Wales and abroad. This volunteering journey helped him start a career in humanitarian work abroad. Andy was an active volunteer with UNA Exchange in early 2000s. He took part in many volunteering activities in Wales and abroad, including a Long Term European Voluntary Service in Iceland. “When […]

Youth Impact Forum | How Youth Changes The World?

This is the question that AIESEC always seeks to answer. This is the core question of our very existence, as we believe in the power of creating future leaders through exchange to help build a better world. This summer, we received many young leaders from all over the world to Malaysia for a life-changing journey with the local society here.

So the next question is:

What Starts in NatCon, Changes AIESEC in Malaysia.

AIESEC in Malaysia, a youth organization that is proudly represented by one thousand members nationwide, organized its first conference of the new term; National Convention 2015 (NatCon) from the 8th to 12th of July 2015. Held in the impressive Great Hall at University Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC), the convention gathered 200 leaders of AIESEC in Malaysia from 13 local chapters univerisities.

[Breaking News!] Scientists developed new formula for leadership development

Believe it or not? In recent studies, scientists developed new formula for leadership development. You can become a leader like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa & Mahatma Gandhi by taking only one leadership pill per day for 30 days. Imagine living in the World full of purposeful, collaborative & action-oriented leaders who work hard to enable peace & fulfilment of humankind’s potential to the World! Let’s spread this good news around!