A Global Volunteer Journey That Touched My Heart

AIESEC in Malaysia

Participating in a volunteering program is one of those things that you have to do at least once in your life time. And what’s a better way of doing that than applying through AIESEC’s Global Volunteer. My enthusiasm for AIESEC wasn’t motivated only by my excitement for volunteering, but my excitement for travelling, exploring, meeting new people and cultures, has given me that push too. This journey has touched my heart and granted me wonderful experiences. With the new knowledge I have gained, the captivating places I travelled to, and the amazing people I have met.

What makes it exciting?

Those people were one of the reasons I lived such an extraordinary 6 weeks in Vietnam. The Organising Committee were supportive in giving us all the help we needed in the project and in travelling, and they have created a cosy, family-like vibe since we landed in Hanoi till we left it. The attendees were the best students I could’ve ever asked for, very understanding and kind. They really showed us that they have noticed and appreciated our ardour and keenness to deliver everything we have to them. With them, it was more than a teacher-student relationship, it became a friendship.

I can’t forget to mention the gorgeous Exchange Participants coming from different countries meet together for a greater purpose. Other than just teaching a topic and go home. Together, we were able to touch our attendees hearts and minds and make them understand how much of an impact they can create in the world. All these people made me more of an open-to-the-world person where enthusiasm always exists.

Global Volunteer in Vietnam - AIESEC in Malaysia

One unforgettable moments that really made me tear up, which made me realize that I have accomplished what I went to Vietnam for. It was in the last camp we had, at the end when everyone from the organizing committee, the participants, to the students, was sharing what they learnt, what they loved and what were their best moments in this project. Everyone was so sincere and you can see their true emotions through their eyes, all that made a lovely moment that I won’t forget. This experience made me see people in a different light. Never create a perception about people, just watch them, observe and get amazed.

What’s The Project About?

Vietnam Youth Icon 14 had Media Literacy as its topic for winter 2018, the goal of this project is to spread awareness among young Vietnamese people to know how to deal and live with today’s world of media. We talked about issues around the world and how they are being presented in the different media platforms, how and what people receive and share, and what are the different perspectives that people have about those issues. The project showcased an important idea about engaging in the media world. Which among all the important steps that you need to take before sharing or even just believing an information you read online, and that is to know yourself first. In other words, we taught our attendees about the importance of self-awareness and how it affects them in the media-influenced world.

Global Volunteer in Vietnam - AIESEC in Malaysia

In AIESEC, we believe in developing leadership through practical experiences in challenging environment, and we do this by delivering cross-cultural exchanges. We have created thousands of stories ever since we started in Malaysia 50 years ago. Here’s just one of them.

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