A Huge Step in Serbia

volunteer in serbia

Sarah shares her experience her first week of volunteering abroad at Serbia! Read on to find out more. The first week was definitely not easy for me as it was the week of adaptation in a foreign land with lots of strangers! At first, I was shy with the other volunteers because I am the […]

A Fish Farm that was Beyond my Imagination in Taiwan

volunteer in taiwan

I am volunteering at Taiwan for six weeks at a fish farm. Before that, I thought it is just a normal fish farm and nothing special, but actually it is so much more beyond my imagination. Running a fish farm is never easy, not to mention running a restaurant at the same time. In my […]

A Life Realising Journey in China

volunteer in china

Going for exchange made me understand and realising my capabilities better. Staying abroad for a few weeks made me think about those who are important to me. It made me think about what I want in my life, about what I can change in my current situation to make it better. I built new relationships […]

Unexpected Discovery of Treasure in China

There seemed to be something special about Mehran when we first met. That curly haired guy always sported a gentle smile. Mehran, who had an air of innocence around him was a fellow volunteer for the Special Care (SC) project. Hailing all the way from Iran, he was very curious about foreign cultures and easily […]

Aboriginal Culture in Taiwan

volunteer in taiwan

At the end of year 2015, I went on an exchange to Taiwan for 6 weeks. It was one of the best decision I have ever made in my life. The project that I chose was Embrace Taiwan: Explore the Original Beauty of Aborigine. The project aims to contribute to one of the Sustainable Development […]

Overcoming Barriers in Poland

volunteer in poland

When I first entered university, I passed by an AIESEC booth promoting about Global Volunteer. “Hey, do you want to make your university life more exciting?” And this phrase got into me, led me to the most crazily amazing 6 weeks experience in my life. Poland, the heart of Europe with totally different language and […]

Hard to Say Goodbye to Thailand

When I first decided to apply for AIESEC Global Volunteer, I thought it was just an interesting way to fill my summer while working on other projects as I would not be able to commit to a full internship. I wanted to stay near within Southeast Asia, and recognising my own preferences and capabilities, I […]

Leaving an Impact in Taiwan

volunteer in taiwan

I didn’t know what to expect. It was something completely new for me. When I arrived in Taiwan for the U-Impact project with AIESEC in Taiwan, everything was new to me. But after the first week, I started to get situated with my new surroundings that would become my home  for coming few weeks. The […]

Pushing the Limits in Taiwan

The most impactful moment came for me on the very last day of the programme, where the students had made a huge appreciation card written in English for me. My goal in life is very simple – to be happy. There are a lot of ways to achieve it, be it alone or with others. […]

Widening Network in Taiwan

volunteer in taiwan

The first thing I gained was to widen my circle of network by meeting people from different countries. I did learn more about other cultures from my new friends. During my exchange journey, I wanted to explore parts of this beautiful country on my own. Hence, I had gotten myself well-trained in using the Internet […]