A Life Realising Journey in China

volunteer in china
Tan Rou Jie
Editor Rou Jie was a former AIESECer who ran local projects with her team and international volunteers to impact students in Pahang and Kuala Lumpur. She believes in impacting the world one baby step a time.

Going for exchange made me understand and realising my capabilities better. Staying abroad for a few weeks made me think about those who are important to me. It made me think about what I want in my life, about what I can change in my current situation to make it better. I built new relationships with people from different countries and realize that we are not so different after all. Realising this journey that all of us have dreams that we want to achieve. All of us want our opinions and ideas to be heard.

This Global Volunteer programme had provided a platform for us to do so. Even though the program only lasted for about 7 weeks, I would say that it is just a start for us to make a change that we want to see in our world. A few weeks can’t change the world, it requires a lifetime. It may take a long time but it will be meaningful. Hence, I really do encourage those who want a challenge and want to break free from their bubble and open their eyes to the world to go for this exchange. It will be a decision you will not regret and also a realising journey along the way.

volunteer in china
What changes me?

I now have the confidence to travel alone. Believing that as a Malaysian we can work together without discriminating one another as I have worked with people from different countries and different backgrounds. I realised how blessed I am to come from Malaysia because the culture here is so diverse. Learning about others’ culture really made me understand my culture as well. I also understand how important it is to understand one another. With this understanding we can definitely make a change we want to see in the world. I realise that we have a bigger role in this world and life is more than ourselves. We have an important role. This exchange had really let me get to know people. I am so thankful to have met this people and hope that we all gained something throughout the exchange.

volunteer in china

Thank you to those have put in their time and energy in something that you believe will make a change in our world. I really appreciate all those who I had met, and who had assisted me. Making this a realising journey in China.

Original story from : Joshua D’Raj (Student l Universiti Sains Malaysia)

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