Summary of AIESEC in Malaysia Report 20/21

Since early 2020, we have converted our ways of working, transformed our minds and actualized a new reality. Not because we planned for it, but we were thrown into it without a choice but to adopt and adapt, in order to operate effectively.

Summary of AIESEC in Malaysia Annual Report 2019/20

2020 is a year where everyone faces unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has threatened young people the most. According to Statista, the youth unemployment rate in Malaysia in the year 2020 was estimated at 11.72%, which is the highest since 1999. AIESEC as well has been shifting operations, people and financial […]

Teach for Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia Teach For Malaysia would like to invite you to a private focus group session that we are conducting to refine our recruitment and communication strategies, as we prepare for our official launch this 25 Oct 2010. Details of the session are as follows: Date:  Saturday, 16 Oct 2010 Time:  9.30 AM – 11.30 AM […]

Winner of ‘Who Likes You?’ Campaign

Hey AIESEC! Remember ‘Who likes you?’ campaign? Remember you were checking out who likes you while standing for a chance to be rewarded for that? The campaign has ended and we have the Winner! Are you the one? The Winner of ‘Who likes you?’ campaign is….. Drum Rolls….. * * * * * * * * […]