Why partner with AIESEC?

AIESEC in Malaysia

AIESEC in Malaysia has been an established youth organisation since 1968. Our aim is to develop youth leadership through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. We have been in the universities’ societies for many years, hence, our speciality is youth engagement. If you are looking to connect with young people, here’s why you should partner with us:

1. Access to the quality youths

Our AIESECers’ members are selected through certain procedures every year, meaning we only select those who are aligned with our four leadership qualities:

    • Empowering others
    • Solution-oriented
    • World citizen
    • Self-awareness

We enhance our membership experience with more than 20 leadership training touchpoints such as conferences, summits and workshops so that the members are not only equipped with the hard operational skill in either finance, human resource, marketing or sales but also the soft skills like leading a team and organisation.

2. Enhance your employer’s brand

We strive to engage as many youths as possible. Hence, in addition to the leadership training touchpoints offered to our members, we also host more than ten forums, webinars and conferences that involve non-members.

One of our flagship events is YouthSpeak Forum (YSF) in which we invite our partners to deliver the keynote sessions to the youth participants. Through this event, we aspire to bridge the conversation between the youth and the corporate industry. As YSF 2020 was held virtually, we had approximately 1,200 youth attendees and reached out to 100,000 Malaysian youth on the online platform.

In the year 2021, we launched a one-off initiative namely Byte-sized Leadership that shared the industry leaders’ thoughts on the topic of leadership. Its purpose is to reduce the gap between the industries’ and the youths’ expectations, enhancing the workforce readiness among the youths. If you are looking into strengthening your employer branding among the youths, we can provide the exact opportunity for you.

3. Large youth outreach

Every year, we have around 500 memberships among the 22 local universities students. The 22 local branches will then initiate community projects that involve youth volunteers and participants. We are not only engaging the youth nationally but we are also connecting to the local youth community. Therefore, we have a vast network of youth across the nation.

Meanwhile, our social medias’ engagements have successfully reached out to youth followers ranging from 18 to 30 years old. We also organise digital campaigns to support our partners’ involvement with the youths by leveraging our social media network. Our digital campaign is a flexible initiative as it can take any forms such as experience sharings, contests, and many more as long as it utilises the online platform.

4. Achieve your CSR goal

In the year 2019/2020, we have impacted:

    • 231 Malaysian youths that volunteered abroad and 212 youths who joined as virtual volunteers during the pandemic in Malaysia,
    • 388 secondary school students in learning interesting, useful STEM skills through the Speak Up! event,
    • 2,012 students and volunteers that participated in food waste issue awareness through the Clean Our Plate event, resulting in a food waste reduction of 51.30% in a month,
    • 319 individuals from the underprivileged communities through food donation drive and,
    • numerous schools and students across the country.

Our community projects are based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of our local projects was Greeny Green by AIESEC in Johor Bahru. The project contributed to SDG 13 – Climate Action which resulted in 14 recycling corners, 40 participants in Green Camp and 110 plants planted. Our way of developing the youths is through the achievement of SDGs. Thus, by partnering with us, you are able to engage both youth communities and your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

If you relate with any of the reasons

and would like to know more, feel free to get in touch with us here. We persist to be a youth organisation for decades, thus, we become agile to accommodate the current generation needs. If you are looking into understanding youth, start your first step of partnering with us by taking a quick assessment to assess your current bottlenecks so that we can personalise our collaboration.

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