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Simply because the world needs more wholesome goodness. Introducing #TheHappyCorner, where the idea to be happy is just so simple. And hopefully, will bring a smile on your beautiful face. 

We are living in a world where we are made to feel small about ourselves every single day. We might not notice it, because the effects are so subtle, and it’s something already integrated in our daily life.

It’s there lurking behind every advertisement that we pass by featuring a beautiful person. It’s there when we came across yet another story of XXX who is almost the same age as us who had achieved XXX and is now a national star. It’s there when we see our friends having better results / better social life / better anything than us. It’s there when we see someone posting super nice photos on Instagram.

And we are accustomed to thinking, “Hey, my friend is a supermodel and I am just a cute potato.” “Hey, I am nobody special. I can’t lead this project. I won’t volunteer. Lecturers won’t choose me. I am just an ordinary student.” And we have started to accept that as the norm too — we are not special. We are just an ordinary student, living an ordinary life. The lesser the trouble, the better.

We were never taught how should we feel or react when we feel bad about ourselves. So we learn to suppress. We learn to compromise. We learn to accept things as they are, and we stop looking for change. And in a way, there’s nothing wrong with that. We are happy (sort of).

But what if I tell you, the way to feel better about yourself doesn’t involve something big? Here are 3 suggestions for you:

  1. Fake a smile for at least a minute every morning when you wake up (you will feel better after that trust me!).
  2. Recap your day in your mind before you sleep, and identify three things you are grateful for.
  3. Take 5-10 minutes a day to watch funny videos (my personal favourite is Crayon Shin Chan!) or read a funny comic.

Oh and one more, drink enough water!

Baby steps to take in this world which is so demanding of us.

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