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Travelling is an expensive luxury that only the wealthy could afford but is it? Below are some of our favourite tips to have a wonderful yet amazing travelling adventure on a tight budget!

1. Be Flexible

Lesson 101: Everything starts with the attitude.
Travelling is all about living new experiences and adventure, so be as flexible as you can and always welcome challenges in an unfamiliar situation, you will be sure to learn new things and develop yourself!

2. Cut your baggage size in half

Remember that time when you accidentally fit your entire house into your luggage before you travel? The fact is, you
don’t even need most of the things and some of it are there just for the purpose of “just in case”. So a good tip to go by is to bring only the necessary, cut your baggage in half and travel light! Trust us, you will rarely need that Panadol.

3. Eat like the locals

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Will you go to Malaysia’s various “tourist attractions” on a daily basis to look for “local foods”? Neither do we. All of us knew that only some of the foods there are worth trying but most of it are just not as good as the mamak located outside of your apartment, or the kopitiam in your neighbourhood. So when you’re travelling, eat like the locals, go to their local stores instead of restaurants, try the street foods, learn to cook some of the basic local foods too (this will save quite some expenses)!

4. Stay with the locals too

Homestay is a growing trend in Asia and even some parts of Western countries are beginning to have this service as well! Instead of staying in expensive hotels, opt to stay in a house with the locals and
experience their daily lifestyle! Plus they will be more than willing to bring you around the town and get you some great local foods too (a free tour guide)!

5. To walk or not to walk, that is the question

Most of the little and subtle details of the beauty of another country can only be found when you actually take the time to
walk around and explore it on foot. You will miss out so much if you’re sitting in a car or a bus or even a train! So work that feet of yours, get up and going! After all, what is travelling without some exploration?

6. Kaching like a bling

Always search the internet for the best place to exchange your currency! There will always be recommendations and suggestions by other travellers on the best place to exchange your currency (many exchange centres have bad exchange rates). Also, it would be better to take out a large sum of money and store it with you as every withdrawal in the bank comes with a service charge.

7. When you’re “appy” and you know it

Clap your hands! With the ever-growing technology and integration to our lifestyle, there are literally tons of mobile applications that will offer you
different deals and money-saving features when you’re travelling! Maps, travel guides, food guides, accommodation, transport services etc. you name it the apps store has it!

So there you have it! Our 7 ways to have a budget travel! And of course, why stop only at only travelling? Go for another type of budget travel: Volunteering Travel.

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