Some budget planning advices

1. Change your currency before travelling 2. Bring along some USD in case anything happened 3. Never change the currency in airport unless you have none local currency with you upon arrival. 4. Try to understand the average daily expenses from the hosting party 5. Understand the cost covered by hosting party by asking them […]

Get a rough idea on your expenses

Do some research on the living expenses in Vietnam to get a rough idea of how much money you need to spend there. You could divide the money into food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment categories. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend you to choose those projects covered the food and accommodation. […]

Definitely worthwhile

I would say I’m spending averagely. My exchange was in Taipei. I spend overall around rm4500 including the flight tickets. These are the fixed cost that you will have to pay such as Visa, flight tickets and EP fee. Overall, the Taiwan exchange has a lot of good covers like free accommodation and celebration meals. […]

Budget planning a daily routine

Months before going to Guangzhou, China, I gathered information relating to daily life expenses that may incur in the whole Global Volunteer via online (travel blogs), project booklet the hosting entity gave me and past Guangzhou EPs information. As I joined this GV together with a few friends from the same sending entity, we actually […]

My budget was well under control throughout my journey

Hi, my name is Fong Mun Oon and I volunteered to Romania. Some advice for those who wish to do budget planning before going for a GV is to do plenty of research beforehand; the more resources the better. I was using a few online sources (, to figure out the estimated spending range […]