Being an Asian Volunteering in Asia

Tan Rou Jie
Editor Rou Jie was a former AIESECer who ran local projects with her team and international volunteers to impact students in Pahang and Kuala Lumpur. She believes in impacting the world one baby step a time.

In AIESEC, we believe in developing leadership through practical experiences in challenging environment, and we do this by delivering cross-cultural exchanges. We have created thousands of stories ever since we started in Malaysia 50 years ago. Here’s just some of them. 


“Vietnam is beyond words, full of love. The highlight of my volunteering journey was with no doubt helping the people in need. The warmth, kindness and gratitude shown on their faces was most rewarding. I’m blessed to achieve more than I thought was possible.”



“This journey made me step out from my own comfort zone. I went on exchange planning to empower others, but in the end I am the one who learned from these people.”

Zhe Qian

“I would say life in Taiwan was a fairy-tale dream come true. It was all I ever wanted. Freedom, adventure, love and a lot of kindness. I thank this opportunity as I wouldn’t be who I am today, if I didn’t become a Global Volunteer.”  



“During my journey, I have met with a lot of people from many other countries. This journey was beyond my expectations because these friends I have made were not just friends, but soulmates that understood me, and took good care of me. Most importantly, I started to feel myself as a part of this world. I will go on another volunteering experience again whenever I have the chance, to at least contribute a small part of myself to change the world.”

Kit Yee

“l learnt many cultural things, learnt how to be sociable, learnt how to lead and overall being a more independent person. I am very glad that I joined this experience at Guangzhou. It is indeed an unforgettable memory and I am very fortunate to meet with a group of passionate and dedicated organising committee (the ones who organise this project), local volunteer (volunteers from China) and exchange participants (other international volunteers like me! :D). It really made my summer break valuable.”

Chi Kwan

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