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In AIESEC, we believe in developing leadership through practical experiences in challenging environment, and we do this by delivering cross-cultural exchanges. We have created thousands of stories ever since we started in Malaysia 50 years ago. Here’s just one of them. 

I would never imagine being able to spend six weeks volunteering in Taiwan. Looking back, I knew that I had made the right choice. I had created impact to my life, and change my perspective towards the world.

The most remarkable experience of my exchange journey will be when I volunteered myself to be the facilitator of summer camps for primary school kids with 20 other volunteers from 10 different countries. Planning for the camp was definitely not an easy task. Moreover, everyone in the group were from different backgrounds and just to come to one agreement was already a very challenging task.

However, all of us had the same common goal, which was to create the most impactful yet fun learning space for the delegates! This made us unite and work hard together, providing help to each other physically and emotionally.

Being able to empower the students to participate in learning English and to improve their knowledge on the culture of each of the countries we (the volunteers) represented were one of the few memorable achievements throughout my exchange journey. Six weeks may seem long in the beginning, but being brave enough to come out of my comfort zone marks the very first step of making the world a better place!

Interested to have a similar experience as Huey Zhen, or eager to create your own unique exchange story? Either way, just go for it lah with SAMA-SAMA Volunteer Abroad.

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