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Simply because the world needs more wholesome goodness. Introducing #TheHappyCorner, where the idea to be happy is just so simple. And hopefully, will bring a smile on your beautiful face.

We have all met them before. Those confident, beautiful, successful people who can inspire everyone around them with every word they say or even just by breathing alone.

We can literally feel their glow / aura when they walked past us, and in contrast we shrink, and we feel in awe with them, inspired by them, and wonder how a human being can be born so perfectly. We can’t seem to take our eyes away from them, and we feel honoured when they choose to talk to us. Ever wonder why that happens?

Confidence is attractive because it shows people they are comfortable being who they are. And when they praise others, their praises are often genuine because they aren’t worried about making themselves look worse; and they are able to accept praises gracefully as well, as they know themselves so well they’re aware of their every strength and flaw.

Often you may notice they don’t exactly fit the textbook version of ‘pretty’ or ‘handsome’ either. But they do have their own charm, their own appealing character that pulls you towards them.

Yes, we knowww. We already know the importance of being confident. “Fake it until you make it, confidence is the key, self-confidence is sexy, blablabla” But how??? Confidence is not a switch that can be simply turned on and off. There’s actually a scale. We can’t go from zero confidence to full blasting confidence in just a day or two. It’s slowly built, day by day, but only if we put in the right effort, and only if we want it.

As usual, we are going to break it down into simple steps. Confidence is all about self-awareness. Start by looking in. Ask yourself.

  1. What’s my favourite colour, favourite ice cream flavour, favourite movie, favourite songs, favourite childhood memories?
  2. Then go deeper, what simple things make me happy, what are the things that will annoy me, what are the things I am good at, what are the things I am not very good at but it’s okay, what are the things I am not very good at but I want to improve them?
  3. Even deeper, what are my values, what are my dreams, what’s my definition of being successful, what do I want for myself?

Often times when we see successful (depends on how we define successful) people we will automatically think that we will never be like them. We are not smart / outspoken / pretty / rich / lucky / etc. enough. But one thing we often don’t realise is we cannot be them, simply because we are not them. Their strengths + their experiences are what make them unique.

As cheesy as it may sound, we have our own strengths too. They are just waiting for the ‘experience’ to come in and polish us until we shine.

The very last question you can ask yourself is: “Okay. I already know my strengths and what I want for my future. I need experiences. Do I seek for those experiences myself? Do I wait for them to land on my lap? Or do I just sit and watch them pass us by because we are simply not good enough?”

Baby steps to take in this world that’s so demanding of us.

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