AIESEC in UTM : Furniture Donation Request!

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Hi! Greetings to all!

AIESEC in UTM is going to establish a new intern house! We do hope that the interns will be more comfortable in the new house. Unfortunately, we are lacking in some important household items and furniture.

If you have furniture or household items that no longer fit your lifestyle, but are still usable, we could really use your furniture donation.

Here is a list of items that we need :
1. Table and chairs*
2. Pillows & Bedsheets
3. Washing Machine*
4. Refrigerator*
5. Cupboard (Any size)*
6. Table Fans
7. Gas Cooker
8. Cooking Utensils
9. TV*
10. DVD Player
11. Extension Plug
12. Curtain
13. Broom/Mop
14. Pail

* preferable from JB area. =)

We would also be thankful if you could donate anything else that you deem usable and needed for this new house.
Please do help to forward this message to anyone who might want to donate anything they want.

We would ever be grateful for your contribution Thank you.

For inquiries, please contact,
Tan Li Pin (016- 938 2186) [email protected]
Teo Shieh Lin (017- 631 4268) [email protected]

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