Get Ready for the Future Workforce

In partnership with Maxis, ADA and UOB Malaysia, our team at AIESEC in Malaysia has launched a leadership programme tailored to youths interested to network with industry thought leaders to prepare for their future careers. Youth Unemployment With the widening gap between the industry and youth, youth unemployment is increasingly recognized as a youths issue […]

Some budget planning advices

1. Change your currency before travelling 2. Bring along some USD in case anything happened 3. Never change the currency in airport unless you have none local currency with you upon arrival. 4. Try to understand the average daily expenses from the hosting party 5. Understand the cost covered by hosting party by asking them […]

Get a rough idea on your expenses

Do some research on the living expenses in Vietnam to get a rough idea of how much money you need to spend there. You could divide the money into food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment categories. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend you to choose those projects covered the food and accommodation. […]

Hope – The Only Thing Stronger than Fear

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit back and think about it It’s easy to let fear conquer you, to let it keep you from doing things that you wish to do. Tan Wee Hui was fearful of many things. Meeting new people, going to new places, being alone. But by being a Global […]

Sometimes The Difference in Culture Thought Us to Strive for Better

We are living in a rich and vibrant multicultural world, so it’s great that you want to understand cultures other than your own. There are a few ways to do this and one of the best ways to experience and understand other cultures is to actually live among them. It might take a while to […]

A Leap of Faith, Away from my Comfort Zone

Global Volunteer AIESEC Malaysia

A shy and introverted girl who flew to Taiwan alone What would your first impression be on a Communications student? Extroverted? Lively? Energetic, and probably outspoken? Well, it wasn’t the case for Ong Chia Ping. She was reserved, shy and a rather quiet girl. Nobody would’ve expected her to just board a plane for a […]

25 Beautiful Things in Life

Simply because the world needs more wholesome goodness. Introducing #TheHappyCorner, where the idea to be happy is just so simple. And hopefully, will bring a smile on your beautiful face.  I am a big fan of the simple things in life. Happiness doesn’t always mean accomplishing something or hearing some good news or getting what […]