AIESEC in Malaysia


The first conference where its content built around SYNERGY between functional areas!!

Happening in

Manila, Philippines!


12th – 15th November 2010

Some summary about the conference would be: (the conference would be separated  to 3 track which is entity with 0 – 100 X per year, 100 – 200 Xs per year and more than 200 Xs per year) and:

This conference is all about operational training (implementation, implementation and implementation!!!)

In this conference is also about the innovation by creating plan to make our Level of operation growing 3 or 5 times more than current operation (LC talking about 300 – 700 Xs operation and how to connect it with Sales and X+L)

After talking about the innovation, this conference should come up with a business plan that they will bring back to their country. Business plan for each country with a clear target on how much X, X+L and revenue they want to generate from that business plan.


REGISTRATION for UNLEASH Asia Pacific is now open.

Again, the conference will focus on synergy of operations and growth. Deadline for the first round of registration is on the 15th of October.

If anyone is interested do contact your LC VP TM for the registration form!

The 1st Delegate’s Mailer can be downloaded here.
Faci Application can also be downloaded:
Deadline for faci application: October 4th, 13.00 GMT +0 to [email protected]

Good Luck & All the Best!!

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