Leadership for sustainable Serbia Conference

Leadership for sustainable Serbia Leadership for sustainable Serbia is a project that aims to educate and motivate young people to take initiative and do something positive for themselves and the society they live in. Project is starting in October with the “New Leaders Conference” that will last for two days. Conference has a goal to […]

Winter NLDS in KOREA!

AIESEC Korea Winter National Leadership Development Seminar Apply for International Facilitator ! – 1st Deadline: 17th Oct. –  NLDS date: 6-9, Jan, 2011 Click here for more details: AIESEC Korea 2011 Winter NLDS International Facilitator Details AIESEC Korea 2011 Winter NLDS International Facilitator Application Form_(Name)

World AIDS Day 2010 with PTF

WORLD AIDS DAY 2010 I am living my rights, Stop AIDS. Keep the promise. I am one of this year’s volunteers for World AIDS Day 2010! Greetings from PT Foundation! It is that time of year again, to celebrate World AIDS Day (WAD) 2010, November 27th – 28th! Last year’s WAD was a huge success, […]

Conference in Lithuania

Hey my dear AIESECers! Apply for facilitator for the Lithuanian NatCo (which will be delivered together with Latvia!) which is the first conference for the newies in Lithuania and Latvia and also a platform for oldies and coordinators to develop themselves!!! The conference will be in Vilnius in the capital of Lithuania! Apply now! Do […]

Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011 in Puerto Rico

Hey AIESEC! Come to Puerto Rico! Come to Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011! MARCH 18-24, 2011 CLICK HERE TO SEE PROMO VIDEO Do you know where I’m going? I’m going to ILC 2011 in Puerto Rico!!! Follow us! FACEBOOK WIKI

SEA Exchange Newsletter : Issue 3 [03/09/2010]

Congratulations to LC UM and LC UUM for being featured in the following categories: Top TN LC, Top Intra-SEA X LC, Top Absolute Growth LC and Top 10 LCs (1st Jan to 31st Aug 2010). Keep up the amazing work. To all LCs, let’s work together to strive for an amazing term. Kudos to all […]

Norman Barnett & Bharat Bhasin 2010

AIESEC in Malaysia was awarded the First Runner Up of the Norman Barnett & Bharat Bhasin 2010 Award at International Congress 2010 in Hyderabad, India for the SCB Living with HIV Initiative. Congratulations to all individuals; LCs and MC who were directly and indirectly involved in the project. Job well done. It is a recognition […]

AIESEC in Indonesia | Management Board Conference 2010

Date: 1st – 4th October 2010 Venue: Semarang, Indonesia Fees: USD 100 (RM314++ according to rates) Myaiesec.net: Management Board Conference 2010 Wiki Myaiesec.net: AIESEC INDONESIA NATIONAL CONFERENCE FACILITATOR OPPORTUNITY Opportunity to become International Facilitator is here again! Experience a different culture and learning by applying to become the facilitator. Click on the link below: Click […]

AIESEC in Cambodia | Summer Conference 2010

Date: 23rd – 26th of September, 2010 Venue: Indepedence Hotel Boutique Resort Myaiesec.net: Summer Conference 2010 Wiki Facebook: AIESEC in Cambodia Summer Conference 2010 Official Website: Official Homepage Link FACILITATOR OPPORTUNITY If you want to be International Facilitator outside of Malaysia, you can download the application here: Download Link. DELEGATES Please kindly go to the official website and complete the […]