Recruitment Campaign 2010 Updates : Central Region

AIESEC in Malaysia


263 people signed up for AIESEC Day and Promo 10 Booth in UM. 38 people came for Breakthru!! Though the number may be very small number due to a clash with 2 other activities in UM on the same day and clashing of time, 93 people came for Interview!!

AIESEC’s presence in UM is now more significant and more people are aware about what AIESEC is and does. The AIESEC brochure really helped to grab their attention.  =)


Boothing was a great start to our recruitment period as our booth was crowded for almost 2 hours =) And the message that we sent out to freshman about AIESEC is positive whereby, a lot of them link AIESEC back to leadership and not an internship provider organization. Overall, the attraction was great! We managed to get 430 signed ups!!

AIESEC Night was quite sad with the numbers because we targeted around 200 people, but only 123 people showed up. Reason of the low turnout was because of colleges having their one month orientation and a lot of interested freshmen weren’t able to attend our night. However, after AIESEC Night, we did get a lot of calls from juniors that are interested to join AIESEC which is a positive sign because it means, we are making impact through our AIESEC Night. The Dutch Ambassadors were great and the facilitators who shared their experience on International Internship, Global Learning Environment and Leadership Opportunities did great! I believe a lot are inspired by them =)

MAD Night, the introduction night where we introduced the 4 departments that we are opening this time: OGX, ICX, ER and HOPE. Presentations were being done by each respective VPs of each department. It was a great night but a few of the juniors needed to leave halfway because of college activities again. However, those who stayed were involved in a simulation after that where they get a clearer picture of how each department works. Besides just giving them lectures, we bring them in for the interactive sessions. Almost all of the 80 person who came for MAD Night apply for junior executive positions. Along the week where we prepared for our selection week, we are being called up a lot for junior executive positions because a lot of them miss out AIESEC Night and MAD Night due to college activities. We will meet them up for personal appointments for these few special ones =)


In total, we managed to collect 450 contacts of individuals who are interested in AIESEC. =) These contacts were collected solely from the 5 day boothing in UKM. 5 days of boothing make us feel tired physically but our spirit never dies!!! AIESEC Night would be another legendary event which we are going to create =) Stay tuned for our Induction Day which will be held on the 7th and 8th August!!


AIESEC in TUC had started their recruitment booth on the 2nd of August which will end on the 5th of August. AIESEC Night and Induction will then be held on the 13th of August and 14th of August respectively. Do look forward to more updates! =)


UNMC had just started their semester. Stay tuned for recruitment details from AIESEC in UNMC!

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