Top 5 Fears All Successful People Must Overcome

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Top5 fears

President Franklin Roosevelt famously asserted, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” We all live with fear but not in fear. If you want to be successful in your life, you must overcome your biggest fears as they might be the obstacles to hold you back to achieve more.

Here are top 5 common fears that you must overcome to be truly successful and all successful people must overcome! 

1. Fear of criticism

Normally, we make decisions based on what people think, especially our family and closest friend. We scare of what other people think about us, we scare we are the one who is different from others, we scare of judgment and criticism.

Recently, the hot topic “Going to university can make you more attractive to job vacancy or have loads of new experiences?” Honestly, university is not for everyone. Sometime, degree acts like a passport for you to apply job, but it doesn’t mean the employer’s interest in what you have studied during your university. If you are ready to start your business right now, just go ahead!

Some of my talented friends enter university is because their parents want them to have a degree, even they lost their interest in the study. Just a question for yourself, if your business did success, what they are proud of you? It very well could be! Just we scare to be criticized by others.


2. Fear of taking risks

Yap, human born to be a risk-taker, but after falling down a thousand times, we start to hold ourselves back from getting hurt again. That’s the time we start to make excesses about why you shouldn’t do it. As we can see, people tend to give a lot of excesses to us, “Don’t do it!” “ If it doesn’t work,..” “ What if..”.

Sadly, this prevents us from exploring and experiment growing. Like some people said, life will have its highs and lows, taking a risk with excitement is a challenge. Don’t let fear paralyze you, close your eyes and imagine that everything will be all right. You just need to be brave and dare to take risks.


3. Fear of failure

Does failure make you worry about what other people think about you? You always worry how smart or capable you are? You scare to disappoint the people around you? I can’t deny that failure does ruin everything in our life. Life will be meaningful if brave enough to challenge yourself.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane take off against the wind, not with it”, said by Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.


4. Fear of offending others

The world is full of a wide range of people with different thinking, education background and culture. Therefore, we can’t sit well with everyone. We tend to play on the safe side, afraid to offend anyone or keep worrying about how others might think about us.

From the past experience, we actually can’t get anything done if we allowed ourselves to be paralyzed with indecision for fear of offending others. Let’s challenge ourselves, stepping out and feel the freedom of saying what you want to say without concerning how others might react!


5. Fear of looking foolish

Do you scare to look bad, make mistakes and look like a fool in front of public? Yes you do because everyone wants to be the smartest person in the world, be the one admired by others. But what make us scare to look like a fool in front of people? That’s your deep-rooted fear, judged by people!

As life happens, things go badly and not everything goes smoothly, sometimes we fall down. Actually, we all learn from mistake and failure. So don’t scare of being fooled, but ask when you have questions and don’t keep them with you because you scare to ask as asking makes you look incompetent. That is a wrong and stupid perception. Honestly, your fear of looking foolish is making you look foolish!

So take your action to overcome the fears right now! Your world might be different without these fears!

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