How to Develop Value-Driven Youth

AIESEC in Malaysia

Values are abstract concepts of what is important and worthwhile, influencing the youth’s attitude and behaviour.

Youth are often said to lack self-determination and fear of peer pressure. Thus, values help them find purpose in life and develop a sense of self. They can judge the situation rationally and make decisions wisely.

AIESEC in Malaysia believes that values drive youth to take responsibility in shaping the future of our nation. Youth who are true to their core values increases work productivity because the circumstances might change but their values remain the same. They are committed to the long-term vision which serves as a long-term benefit. Here are the 3 actions we initiate to develop value-driven youth for your organisation.

1. Provide exposure

As an organisation that empowers youth to be the leaders that make a progressive social impact, we allow the youth to be aware of the social issues happening in the world and take action to solve the problem. Our branch in UTAR, initiated a local project named Make A Difference 12.0 aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: Zero Hunger. This activity aimed to reach out to the public and supply them with knowledge of food awareness to create a sustainable future for all.

“There were many chances to train ourselves. I think we have to be brave to grab it and step out of our comfort zone.”

– Zhen Le, a volunteer of Make A Difference 12.0

So, from the sharing, you can know that youth values their personal development and growth mindset after having the exposure. Thus, they will recognise the opportunities and take action to equip themselves with the skill sets and knowledge.

2. Build an inclusive team

There is always a demand for people to work as a team for operations to sustain the organisation. However, we know that different people have various working styles. Thus, we form a community among the youth to encourage them to take up leadership roles in the organisation or volunteer to be the organising committee of an event. It enables youth to explore themselves through peer-to-peer learning when working with each other.
“I realised the significance of understanding and accepting each other’s working style, to build mutual trust within a team.”

Jwee Yie, Country Manager of Organisational Development,
AIESEC in Malaysia 2020/2021

From her experience, you can realise that youth embraces the differences among their team members. They value their strengths and recognise the actions they could take to support the team.

3. Create a space for reflection

Reflection is a process of exploring and examining ourselves including our perspectives, attributes, and actions. In our youth programme, we initiate a space for reflection with the youth to help them review their experience and plan their way forward for the future. For instance, we follow up with the youth’s virtual internship journey which facilitates them to apply their classroom learning in professional environments more productively.

“Changes are scary but it’s easier to take it with an open heart.”

– Lin Lee, Junior Business Analyst intern at Comtrade d.o.o in Slovenia

From her insights, you can realise that youth who reflect on their experience observe their circumstances and recognise their area of improvement to move forward. They can assess their exposure and value their working style to perceive their purpose in contributing to the team.

With these 3 actions: providing exposure, building an inclusive team, and creating a space for reflection, we hope you are ready to develop young talent who are driven by values to propel your organisation’s prospects!

Elaine Fu

B2B Marketing Executive of Partnership Development, AIESEC in Malaysia

A vibrant computer science undergraduate who aspires to empower others and make a difference.

Elaine Fu

B2B Marketing Executive of Partnership Development, AIESEC in Malaysia

A vibrant computer science undergraduate who aspires to empower others and make a difference.

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