Treasures From Global Volunteering

It has been six weeks, forty-three days and today is the last day. I am going to leave here, Sri Lanka. I miss my home, my country every single day after I was here. Everything here is so new and so strange for me. The first intention why I chose to go for global volunteering […]

Thinking Positive to Sri Lanka

volunteer in sri lanka

Even though the country and the project were not my first choice, I still went ahead because I believed that I can make some changes in myself and the country.  I am a natural optimist, and I would say that’s my greatest asset throughout this exchange journey. Due to time restrictions, I was only able […]

Jom Pergi Sri Lanka: 5 Things Every Traveler Needs To Know

By Jessie Yong As I stumbled out of my room on Saturday morning, mustering all the effort and energy I had in order to wake myself up for my interview with a dear friend who had went on an AIESEC exchange to Sri Lanka this January (I’m definitely not a morning person), I reached for the […]