International Congress 2010 in Hyderabad, India

AIESEC in Malaysia

From August 23 – September 1, 700 young leaders from over 107 countries and territories, along with senior management of over 100 companies are converging in Hyderabad for India’s largest international congregation of young people – theAIESEC International Congress 2010, India. The event will also attract over 45,000 virtual participants to join this one-of-a-kind celebration of youth leadership and diversity. For 61 years now, this annual summit has been bringing together young leaders global business houses, organizations and individuals from different parts of the world.

The theme of the congress is Converging Leadership and Diversity, and it will focus on a multitude of issues such as sustainability, technology, youth led impact movements, ethical business, emerging markets, and labour mobility.

The delegation team representing AIESEC in Malaysia includes the following:

1. Mohammad Alif bin Abdul Latif [MC]

2. Foo Jing Wen [MC]

3. Lim Wai Leong [MC]

4. Cheah Kar Fei [MC]

5. Michele Chang Jin Yi [MC]

6. Evelyn Chan [MC]

7. Tina Carmillia Adrian Nyaoi [MC]

8. Foo Jing Sheng [LCP]

9. Wilson Ng Wai Soon [LCP]

To find out more about International Congress 2010, check out the following link:

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