Food Heroes: Giving kids a better planet on their plate

Food Heroes campaign is an element in Clean Our Plate project by AIESEC in Malaysia that focuses on eating habits & food choices. It is an educational initiative developed as part of UNICEF’s World’s Largest Lesson for kids and young adults. They will learn about the important relationship between healthy food for both our bodies and our environment through interactive workshops.

My First Virtual Volunteer – An Amazing 4-Week Project

Hi guys, my name is Lim Sheng Yao. I am an undergraduate student at Monash University, my majors are banking and finance & business analytics. I participated in Local Virtual Volunteer (LVV) program, Clean Our Plate during my semester break. This project is linked to Sustainable Development Goal 12, to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns […]

How Virtual Volunteering Impact Me & Why You Should Join Too

Every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education- Bill Frist When I was young, I wondered if every child had the privilege to receive an education. Unfortunately, the answer from my parents was no. They told me how lucky I am to be able to receive a formal education. I didn’t understand […]