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Since early 2020, we have converted our ways of working, transformed our minds and actualized a new reality. Not because we planned for it, but we were thrown into it without a choice but to adopt and adapt, in order to operate effectively. While we can complain, we have to make the best out of it.  Let us not “let a crisis go into waste” but ask ourselves, how best we could reinvent this organization of ours to be even more impactful to the youth post-pandemic to discover their true potential.


Darren Ho
Supervisory Group of AIESEC in Malaysia
General Manager of Hong Leong Bank Berhad

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Think Globally, Act Locally

AIESEC and the United Nations have a strong mutual belief in achieving world peace by working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We mobilised the youths to be volunteers for our community projects, Speak Up and Clean Our Plate. By being part of the project, the youth and partners contributed to SDG 4: Quality Education and SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production that they are passion virtually. We nurtured many young people by involving them in the global development process to create the world they want to envision tomorrow. 

Bridging the Education Gap
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Speak Up (SDG 4) empowers Malaysian students in gaining technical skills related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which contributes to their future employment and entrepreneurship. 

We brought STEM education to nearly 900 secondary school students in Malaysia in term 20.21. To support underprivileged students with online learning, we provided laptops and tablets to 27 Malaysian students from B40 backgrounds.

Zero Waste for a Better Future
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Clean Our Plate (SDG 12) raises awareness among young people about the importance of food waste management and the impact of food waste on the environment.

We recruited more than 150 Malaysian youth as volunteers to raise awareness and initiate action on food waste issues through a virtual platform in term 20.21. From virtual workshops to household food composting to food donation drives, the project reached more than 700 students & composted 500 kg of food waste.

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Live Your Brand Youthfully with AIESEC

AIESEC in Malaysia strives to improve the experience and exposure of youth nowadays in various industries. We connect the youth with industry leaders to keep the learning and development through conversations and engagement. By bridging the gap via networking sessions in Byte-sized Leadership Programme and keynote sessions in National Leadership Conference, we nurture the young leaders to gain industry insights and be career-ready for the workforce.

Developing the Future Workforce
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Byte-sized Leadership engages youths in light and relevant content about leadership to young people. At the same time, we connect youth with thought leaders from different sectors in the nation in networking spaces to promote workforce readiness.

Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow
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AIESEC in Malaysia co-creates various employer branding to bridge the industry’s conversations with youths. The annual National Leadership Conference focuses on conversations regarding workforce culture, future of work, youth leadership and opportunities to allow more youths to act earlier and faster according to the world.

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Boosting Career Prospects of Youth
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Global Talent is an international internship aimed to activate leadership potential in youth while boosting their career prospects. This program recruits and places international talents with specific backgrounds in organisations to bridge the gap between youths and businesses in the global market.

Main fields that Global Talent sources for include but are not limited to, Business Administration, Business Development, Information Technology, and Marketing. We are launching Virtual Professional Programme to transform international internships into virtual settings to continue developing young talent by bringing youth perspectives and diversity into organisations that fulfill the needs of the businesses.

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AIESEC Membership
Active Members

This term 20.21, we have a total of 604 active members across Malaysia in different universities. Our members are youths with working experiences in leading teams and projects for at least 1-2 years since their early days in universities. They also run through elections every year to go for higher positions based on our elections and legislation process.

Our members actively engage with industry leaders via our flagship projects, programmes and conferences throughout their membership. They uphold strong values as youth to contribute, learn and commit to maximise their leadership potential.

AIESEC in Malaysia has produced this summary to give our stakeholders an overview of the performance over the year 2020/21. We sincerely appreciate our partners from different sectors (Social Enterprises, NGOs, SMEs, MNCs), universities, AIESEC members and most importantly, the Malaysian community in supporting and trusting AIESEC in Malaysia.

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