AP Tiger MTTT TN Raise Campaign Starts Today!

AP Tiger
AIESEC in Malaysia
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AP Tiger MTTT TN Raise Campaign Starts Today! 



Join the Campaign!
Who can Join the Campaign?

– LCs in Asia Pacific countries

– EVERY TN Raisers (ICXers/ERers) in AP countries
How does it work?
– From Oct 11th-Dec 5th
– LCs with most new MTTT TN Raise and Star Seller stories Win!

What is the PRIZE?
– International Recognition (Make Every ONE know U)

– Champion T-shirt with AI Team signature
– Private virtual meeting with “someone” from AI

– Free quota for APXLDS 1011 (Star Seller Only)


DO Subscribe WIKI for updates

Who is Asia Pacific STAR SELLER?

Who can be a STAR SELLER?
-TN Raisers (ICXers/ERers) in AP countries

How to be a STAR SELLER?
STEP 1 – DO SALES! Gain a sales experience!

STEP 2 –
Download STAR SELLER story template
STEP 3 – Fill in the template and send it to [email protected]

Your story and performance will be updated on WIKI and Newsletter

What is the PRIZE for the Winner?
– One quota for APXLDS 1011 with whole delegate fee covered!

Virtual Training Classes

Register in WiziQ.com à Click AIESEC AP MTTT Initiative
Sign up for our 1st upcoming Sales Training class on Oct 15th (8PM, GMT+8)!

Sales Learning and Sharing Platform
– Learn!
MTTT TN Raise Guidance Wiki <–Subscribe it

– Share! Send your suggestions, resources, GCPs, etc to
[email protected]

(e.g. if you want to initiate a share meeting among TN raisers)

Wait no more and LETS GET STARTED!!

All the Best to ALL of YOU!!

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