Recruitment Campaign 2010 Updates : Southern Region

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Through our booth, there are 183 people signed up for Malam Interaksi AIESEC (AIESEC Night) and 171 people signed up for COLOURS!

A 2 day booth in UTM’s orientation week rewarded us with over 150 people who signed up for Malam Interaksi AIESEC and COLOURS. The EBs and the OCs for Member Recruitment Drive were vibrant and full of vitality throughout the 2 days. I believe one thing that really attracts people to our booth is the youthful, energetic and confident atmosphere which we emit to the crowd. Had also noticed that Alif’s profile really attracted a lot of people especially when we told the newbies “This guy – The President of AIESEC Malaysia will be coming to our Induction Day to share his experience in AIESEC.”.

Malam Interaksi AIESEC has been traditionally a culture shock for the newbies in AIESEC. We have always wanted the newbies to experience the energy and the uniqueness of AIESEC. The EBs did their presentation with I-live-the product confidence; roll calls, jokes and games just lit up the whole night with limitless energy. Throughout the night, we continuously showered the delegates with the opportunities they can grab in AIESEC and made them understand about the impact they can make through AIESEC.

We had a large increment in the number of facilitators for COLOURS this year. These 14 awesome individuals blasted into the delegate’s sleepy Sunday morning and made them never sleepy again throughout the day. The delegates were engaged into self discovery sessions, team building sessions, Challenging Worldview sessions and much more activities that enabled the delegates to visualize themselves being an AIESECer. We had got 80++ individuals who signed up for Member Selection at the end of the day.

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