How Being in a Multicultural Environment Changed Me

Story by Jackie Park The first time I lived abroad was as a student learning Mandarin here in Beijing. It is not uncommon for Chinese-Filipino families to send their children to China or Taiwan to study Mandarin for a semester or two before finding a job, and I happened to be one of those kids. […]

Volunteering taught Andy skills that could Never be Learnt at University

Andy, who took part in many volunteering activities in Wales and abroad. This volunteering journey helped him start a career in humanitarian work abroad. Andy was an active volunteer with UNA Exchange in early 2000s. He took part in many volunteering activities in Wales and abroad, including a Long Term European Voluntary Service in Iceland. “When […]

Experience the World in Six Weeks

In summary, my project was to work in a community in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Where I had to take care of the elderly and teach art lessons with…

Self Discovery in Taiwan

On July 2013, I went to Taiwan. It is a journey full of self-discoveries. Here are the 4 things I…