Sometimes The Difference in Culture Thought Us to Strive for Better

We are living in a rich and vibrant multicultural world, so it’s great that you want to understand cultures other than your own. There are a few ways to do this and one of the best ways to experience and understand other cultures is to actually live among them.

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Experience the World in Six Weeks

In summary, my project was to work in a community in Hsinchu, Taiwan where I had to take care of the elderly and teach art lessons with primary school students. In addition, I helped organize a summer camp for high school students to improve their English speaking skills and promote Malaysia’s culture.

An Exciting Adventure with 20 Youths from Different Nations

Having spent 6 weeks in a country that barely understands English, it was already a great challenge just to get food and transport moreover doing what my project needs, introducing my culture. It was always said that everyone has a different perspective, and I did not realize how much it can affect the crowd until I personally had to experience it

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Working in Diversity in Taiwan

In AIESEC, we believe in developing leadership through practical experiences in challenging environment, and we do this by delivering cross-cultural exchanges. We have created thousands of stories ever since we started in Malaysia 50 years ago. Here’s just one of them. 

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A Life Realising Journey in China

Going for exchange made me understand and realising my capabilities better. Staying abroad for a few weeks made me think about those who are important to me. It made me think about what I want in my life, about what I can change in my current situation to make it better.

Global Volunteering in Korea

The project I volunteered in Korea is named CHANCE 5.0 by AIESEC HUFS ( Hankuk University Foreign Language). It is a project based on SDG 15 which is Life On Land. The reason I choose this project is because the other project in Korea are mainly focus on SDG 4 which is education. Besides, I also would like to voice up for the furry kiddo who are poor and needed for help.

A Truly Heartwarming Experience

experience! The exchange Participants from Korea, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and the US! During the first four weeks of my journey, I was appointed to be an English teacher in Hanxi Elementary School. It was an aboriginal school for Atayal tribe, in Yilan county of Taiwan.

The Power of Children that Changes You

Summer is coming to the end soon and let’s think about what we have learn from it. This summer break, Yew Yi Xuan went to Vietnam to volunteer herself in an education project called “Dream Maker”.