Get Ready for the Future Workforce

In partnership with Maxis, ADA and UOB Malaysia, our team at AIESEC in Malaysia has launched a leadership programme tailored to youths interested to network with industry thought leaders to prepare for their future careers. Youth Unemployment With the widening gap between the industry and youth, youth unemployment is increasingly recognized as a youths issue […]

Hope – The Only Thing Stronger than Fear

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit back and think about it It’s easy to let fear conquer you, to let it keep you from doing things that you wish to do. Tan Wee Hui was fearful of many things. Meeting new people, going to new places, being alone. But by being a Global […]

A Leap of Faith, Away from my Comfort Zone

Global Volunteer AIESEC Malaysia

A shy and introverted girl who flew to Taiwan alone What would your first impression be on a Communications student? Extroverted? Lively? Energetic, and probably outspoken? Well, it wasn’t the case for Ong Chia Ping. She was reserved, shy and a rather quiet girl. Nobody would’ve expected her to just board a plane for a […]

Stronger in the Face of Challenges, With You

Alyssa Leong, a first year biomedical student from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus embarked on a journey to Taiwan during her summer break in the month of July. A foreign country, with foreign people, and a more foreign environment. The first challenge Alyssa had to face was on communication. She’s never seen those people before-whom […]

The Power of Children that Changes You

Summer is coming to the end soon and let’s think about what we have learn from it. This summer break, Yew Yi Xuan went to Vietnam to volunteer herself in an education project called “Dream Maker”. Dream Maker aims to remove the barrier of adversity, helping children living in a small province to be daring […]

This Article Will (most probably) Not Change Your Life

Simply because the world needs more wholesome goodness. Introducing #TheHappyCorner, where the idea to be happy is just so simple. And hopefully, will bring a smile on your beautiful face.  We are living in a world where we are made to feel small about ourselves every single day. We might not notice it, because the effects […]

How Being in a Multicultural Environment Changed Me

Story by Jackie Park The first time I lived abroad was as a student learning Mandarin here in Beijing. It is not uncommon for Chinese-Filipino families to send their children to China or Taiwan to study Mandarin for a semester or two before finding a job, and I happened to be one of those kids. […]

What Keeps Us Moving

I remember when I was a young kid, I switched my career ambitions at quite an absurd rate. My dream to be a scientist was replaced by the sensational feeling to become an astronaut, followed by the urge to be a doctor (although I ditched that after I realized I was afraid of blood). And […]