SEA Exchange Newsletter : Issue 3 [03/09/2010]

Congratulations to LC UM and LC UUM for being featured in the following categories: Top TN LC, Top Intra-SEA X LC, Top Absolute Growth LC and Top 10 LCs (1st Jan to 31st Aug 2010). Keep up the amazing work. To all LCs, let’s work together to strive for an amazing term. Kudos to all […]

X-Alerts [12th to 18th July]

Performance update: 12th to 18th July Performance Updates: 12th – 18th July 2010 Congratulations goes to: LC UUM for 17 realizations in a week! LC UM, UPM and TUC for having both ICX and OGX realizations. LC UTM for the second X+L in term 2010/2011. GOALS Realized to date: Goals to date! 12th – 18th […]

Welcome to the Blackboard!

Hey AIESEC! Let me introduce myself. My name is Blackboard and I am a one-stop platform for AIESECers to get various updates including the current happenings, hot news, available opportunities, X-Alerts and more! I am updated every week, that’s why I am always hot. Remember to check me out once in a while, ok?